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Half of the former Central Retail Park has been sold!

TL;DR: Half the site has been sold for Government Buildings. The other half of the site (5 acres) is still owned by the council and we can still campaign for that to be turned into a park. If you agree please sign our petition.

On Friday last week the MEN announced that half the site has not been officially sold. Read more here:

Some key takeaways from the article:

The council bought the site in 2017 for £37 million. It ceased trading as a retail park in 2019
On May 15 it’s been confirmed that the GPA (Government Property Agency) has completed the purchase of half the site, paving the way for it to build ‘a state-of-the-art government digital campus’, with space for 7,000 civil servants.
“We have worked closely with the GPA to unlock the potential of the former retail site through this development, which will sit aside a new public green space delivered by the council - improving access to the existing Cotton Field Park.”
Designs for the office complex and park have yet to be submitted to the planning department, so final details of how it will look remain unknown. However, the GPA says it expects construction to start in early 2026.

We don't know what the public green space is, or what it will look like. Will it be the 5 acres. We have contacted the council and await more details.

In the meantime, if you still support our campaign to turn this site into a proper park for local people (especially the children who attend the school) to exercise, escape into nature and play, you can get involved:

  • Sign our petition

  • Contact your local Manchester City Councillor about it

  • Contact Manchester City Council

  • Join us! We have quite a few different ways you can help, and the more of us the more impact and less work for each. Just email

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