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Manchester is a great and vibrant city where so many people happily live and thrive. It has been developing dramatically over the recent years with more and more residential buildings popping up in the various parts of the city centre. 

However, I am very concerned about careless planning policies and what the city is becoming. This is where I live. Where families create their home. Where children grow and study. Our environment and health are subject to the decisions of Manchester City Council. New developments spring up with no thought as to what they will be like for communities, families - often with a poor or non-existent public strategy (and poor or non-existent services for communities). There is a clear mismatch between this economically-driven approach and the needs of local people.

It is not a secret that there is very little quality green space in Manchester city centre. Walking around on a sunny day and seeing every available space filled to the brim with people shows that.


The former Central Retail Park space, publicly owned, has been the centre of attention for many years now, with various plans for use from a cinema, to a car park and now half of the site has been sold to GPA for Government offices. This leaves the remaining 5 acres undecided.

Having some green space allowed on the site (as recently published) plans show is welcomed, however there is more potential on this site for the huge number of families living and attending school in the area.

I am writing to you in hope that you represent my views at the City Council and push for a proper park. Current plans look more like a narrow strip of land connecting the existing (and privately-owned) Cotton field park with Great Ancoats Street. The green space could expand and  involve more space for a children's playground, space to safely run a bike, have a picnic, enjoy outdoor exercise for physical and mental wellbeing, as well as somewhere safe to take the dog.

I hope to hear from you soon,

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