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Consultation closes on 14th February 2023

Central Retail Park Draft Framework

The consultation is a chance to provide your thoughts, suggestions and feedback on the updated Strategic Regeneration Framework for the former Central Retail Park site.

The survey says views you provide will be considered as the council further develop plans for the site.

We believe the council will take the most notice if most people DISAGREE with the objectives of the framework.  

Otherwise we believe they will proceed with these plans.

Join TreesNotCars in insisting that

One of the MAIN objectives should be to SERVE COMMUNITY NEED (Which is not an objective).

This illustration in the draft SRF is referred to in three different ways including…

  • A new public park – Serving the local community, occupiers of the site and visitors, providing an attractive green space in which to relax, play and promote well-being.

  • New public realm and a green space. 

  • A significant new green space at the centre of the site will be known as “The Garden”.

Disclaimer - TreesNotCars are not affiliated with any political party.

Chris Northwood echoes what our campaign group thinks... 

The green space will likely serve as an extension to the already oversubscribed Cotton Field Park, especially given the loss of nearby New Islington Green, which will only increase demand for green space.

In particular, there have been demands for improved facilities for families (for example, a small play area), pet owners (a fenced-off "doggy play area"), as well as a place to be outside, meet friends and play sports as New Islington Green is currently used for.


We've extracted the key principles for the SRF.

Serving the community need is not a priority.

The wording used describes expanding & connecting to the green space and marina.

No new green space

No play area for families

Focus is on the companies that will occupy the offices

Locals are an afterthought

Key Principles 1.png
Key Principles 2.png

Here are some of the misleading tweets & headlines from MCRLabour, Labour Councillors & Manchester Evening News.

Green Space? New Public Park? Green Oasis?

Misleading tweets from labour.png
Misleading tweets from labour 3.png
Misleading tweets from labour 4.png
Green Oasis.png
Misleading tweets from labour 2.png
Green space 5.png
Green space 4.png
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