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Alan Good - Ancoats & Beswick (up for re-election)

We were delighted to hear from Alan who is up for re-election. As a local resident Alan has been a long-time supporter of Trees not Cars. We're sure you'll have seen him out and about!

1. Who are you, what’s your involvement with A&B and which party do you stand for?

My name is Alan Good and I’m a Liberal Democrat councillor in Ancoats & Beswick standing for re-election. I live in the area and I have been campaigning for more and better green space since 2019. I got into politics in our area through the Save New Islington Green campaign standing up to save green space in the area. Since then I’ve campaigned on issues beyond green space including on safer streets, on affordable housing and the cost of living crisis, and on cleaning up our streets.

2. What are your view on what should be done with former CRP? Where does a proper park fit into that and what would it bring to local people?

I want to see an extension of the existing Cotton Field Park into the Central Retail Park for a proper park in Ancoats. We already know how busy Cotton Field Park can get on a sunny day, and people want more space to walk their dogs separate from where people might be relaxing in the sun. Green space is really important for health and wellbeing and given the explosion in residents in the area it’s the right thing to do. We do recognise that there might need to be some buildings on the space to help make it financially possible, but the thing our area is crying out for is affordable housing rather than offices. I was shocked to find out that the Labour council outbid a residential property provider for the site in order to secure it for government offices. I’ve tried to secure this through bringing a council motion that would guarantee a proportion of the site to be a proper park, but Labour amended the motion to remove that commitment.

3. What have you achieved since election? What are your priorities for the next year?

Since being elected we’ve got the council to sit up and take notice of the area. None of the councillors were active and/or lived in the area, and Ancoats and Beswick needed engaged local councillors. We’ve been campaigning for affordable housing and now more is being built in the ward as a result. At every opportunity, I have raised at council meetings, and the planning committee, that we need more affordable housing. I have challenged viability studies when the council say developers can't contribute to affordable provision or off-site affordable housing in new developments.

We’ve been campaigning against the use of bailiffs against those who are already struggling to pay bills financially and the council agreed after trying to block the publication of the report.

Further, we’ve been working hard to keep the streets clean, securing more fly-tipping prevention measures, whilst lobbying for more investment in this at hotspot areas all across Ancoats and Beswick.

We have made sure the council is listening to residents on the Ancoats safer streets scheme, to stop rat runs and crashes in Ancoats.

We’ve also of course been helping lots of individuals from issues ranging from homelessness, housing repairs and incorrect parking fines.

For the next year, my priorities are to continue to stop people being priced out of the area through securing more affordable housing, continuing to campaign secure new and improving existing green space in the area, continuing the work we’re doing to clean up the streets and prevent fly-tipping, and keeping up with the commitment to work hard and keep in touch all year round, and not just at election time.

I feel genuinely privileged and proud to represent Ancoats and Beswick. If I am re-elected on 2nd May I will continue putting residents first and fighting for a better Manchester.

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