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Council elections May 2023 - Jacob Buffett Green Party

We contacted all the local candidates to find out more ahead of the local elections. Here's what Jacob Buffett the Green Party candidate had to say:

Who are you, what's your involvement with Ancoats & Beswick and which party are you standing for?

I have lived in Manchester for 10 years and in that time have been an active part of the community, chairing the Manchester Metropolitan Uni LGBT society for 2 years, as well as co-running events within the gay village.

I moved to Ancoats in 2016 and have seen a significant change in the area in the last 7 years. I’m an active member of the Ancoats Neighbourhood Watch and regularly interact with the council, especially in relation to environmental problems that impact us all, such as fly tipping and needles discarded along the canal.

I joined the Green Party because I genuinely care about the environment, public health and protecting civil liberties. I strongly feel that the other parties are out of touch with the needs of local people and I’m frustrated with the Labour led council allowing rapid expansion of the city centre with insufficient consideration for vital services and green spaces.

I’m running as the Green Candidate for Ancoats & Beswick because I want to accelerate plans to clean up the area, protect the green spaces and keep the ward safe.

Who are you, what's your involvement with Ancoats & Beswick and which party are you standing for?

When the plans for Mayfield Park and The Castlefield Viaduct project were announced I was hopeful as that developers and the council were finally aware of the need for more green space across the city. However, with news that New Islington Green is going to be developed into workspaces I felt enough was enough. We need to take a stand against rapid developments with little thought about local needs and no affordable housing.

I fully support Trees Not Cars and I’m determined that as a community we can limit the construction of office spaces in the old Central Retail Park and we can transform the area into a public green space that benefits local residents. Green spaces aren’t just vital for the environment but for our own mental and physical health too.

Your top three priorities if voted in:

If elected, my main 3 priorities are:

1. Focus on promoting the local community’s voice and work with the current councillors to make sure our ward is organised and developed by the people who live and work here.

2. Focus on developing and nurturing the green spaces we already have and to insist future developers have Green spaces as main goal of their builds and not just an after thought.

3. Holding Manchester Council as a whole to account and make sure they are not repeating old patterns which have failed the people of Manchester. I’m hoping that if more people vote Green then the current councillors cannot ignore our views anymore and will work with us to build a Manchester that works for all of us.

Final word from Trees not Cars:

Thanks for your time Jacob, and also thank you for your offer of help and support! We'll certainly be glad of that! We are delighted to hear of your determination to transform the site into public green space that benefits local residents and you feel as strongly as us.

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