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Council elections May 2023 - Majid Dar Labour

We contacted all the local candidates to find out more ahead of the local elections. Here's what current Labour councillor for Ancoats & Beswick Majid Dar had to say:

Who are you, what's your involvement with Ancoats & Beswick and which party are you standing for?

My name is Majid Dar, I am currently the Labour councillor for Ancoats and Beswick. I have been the local councillor since 2018 and have been helping residents of Ancoats and Bewsick on issues such as diverse as fly tipping, school places, housing, help with social care and issues surrounding the local community and environment. I am also proud to have brought local investment, jobs and green spaces to the ward.

What are your views on what should be done with the former Central Retail Park site? Where does a proper park fit into that and what would it bring to local people?

If you remember I opposed the initial plans for the CRP as it did not meet the needs of the local community and definitely would have increased air pollution levels. After working with the council,I believe we have a vision for the CRP that not only brings new jobs to the area but also has a new park for local people to use. This park will be used by the local community and I hope that it will become a hub for all the community to come together

Your top three priorities if voted in:

  1. Protecting residents from the Tory Created Cost of Living Crisis

  2. Ensuring that we have a mixed community in the ward who can enjoy living in the community in economic prosperity and safety

  3. Advancing climate action and reducing pollution in the ward

Final word from Trees not Cars:

We know Majid has been busy over the weekend celebrating Eid and is also very busy campaigning.

Some green spaces peppered over hard landscaping and a water feature. Cyclists and pedestrians on the hard landscaping. Some trees and water features between tall buildings.
Page 48 "The Garden"

We have asked for mor e details on how the new plans provide a park for local people to use, as our understanding of the plans is the green space is a walkway connecting Great Ancoats Street to the marina and not useful as a park or community hub. We hope to have more information ahead of voting to allow residents an informed choice when voting.

A hard landscaped area with pedestrians. Some trees and water feature
Page 49 "The Boulevard"

A sculpture on hard landscaping, steps and some raised planting. Includes a square of hard landscaping to house the sculpture with some people stood around.
Page 50 "Canal Piazza"
Hard landscaping and raised planting next to the canal and Great Ancoats Street showing the location of the Canal Piazza
Page 51 "Great Ancoats Street"

Trees not Cars always welcome the opportunities to work with Majid, current councillors and anyone representing the Labour party in Manchester. We appreciate the time that Bev Craig, Irene and Majid provided during our meeting in 2022. We also very much appreciate all the support from Piccadilly Ward Labour councillor Jon Connor-Lyons and other Labour councillors across the city.

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