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May 2023 Council Election Results

We are delighted to learn of the news Chris Northwood is our new councillor! We believe she was the candidate who is best place to help with the next steps of our campaign, which is to convince the council that the former Central Retail Park site should contain at least 3 acres of quality green space for local residents to use.

Our research has shown there are clear needs for families and dog walkers. There isn't the room in the city centre for residents wishing to relax in the sunshine surrounded by nature. To improve mental health, and having a space to exercise for physical health. Pollution is high - the more trees and fewer cars in Manchester city centre is what's needed and this is a rare opportunity to do that.

We thank Majid Dar for his service since 2018 to the community as the councillor for Ancoats & Beswick.

We are looking forward to working closely with Chris, Alan and Irene to help realise our campaign.

We are always looking for people to help with Trees Not Cars - if you have a little time and want to help get in touch.

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