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Response on latest plans for the site

Quote from Gemma Cameron

“It’s great progress to see MCC have taken note and incorporated some green space into their plans. This is a good start but it’s not enough. Significant green space for local families to enjoy is needed. We still believe Manchester needs more trees and fewer cars for the health of local children, including those in the school. The images showing the stolen light from the school and the marina is quite shocking. We were also taken aback by how much space has been lost in New Islington Green. These plans do not answer the needs of the local community.”

Quote from Julia Kovaliova

"When I saw the recently issued plans, I was glad about the new approach as it indicated a U-turn by the council. The previous plan had 100% of the site covered with buildings. I’m a mother of three children, one of whom suffers from asthma. I have been living locally for over 10 years. We have waited for so long to get quality green space, where my children can play safely and enjoy the outdoors away from noise and pollution from traffic. Cotton Field Park is too small and is not suitable for young children. Mayfield Park has great facilities, but for a mum with a baby in a pram, the 10-15 mins walk can take much longer, and the route is not safe with multiple busy roads to navigate and cross. We will be surrounded by residential buildings if the revised strategic regeneration framework goes ahead. We need plans that serve local families and residents' needs. Ancoats has already lost 3 acres at New Islington Green, cherished by local people. Manchester City Council has an opportunity here to replace the loss of New Islington Green on the 10-acre site at Central Retail Park. It’s public, after all.

3D Images of the proposal

A 3D rendering of the plans proposed-shows the height of the buildings in situ, along with the impact this will have on light to the marina and local primary school.

Images below from - A local resident shared these with local Lib Dem campaigner Chris Northwood who's been supporting Trees Not Cars. The image was produced based on the plans and data Labour released.

Images of Trees not Cars alternative

We asked Unit 38 to put together an illustration of the current undeveloped former Central Retail Park site (10 acres), highlighting the existing Cotton Field Park (privately owned), and on the right New Islington Green (3.7 acres).

New Islington is currently being built on, and that green space has been lost for local families and residents.

Current view of undeveloped site, marina and New Islington Green by Unit 38

The vision from Trees Not Cars which places the 3.7 acres of green space lost from New Islington Green onto the former Central Retail Park, which is 10 acres.

Still half the size of Angel Meadow (approx 6 acres), this is an amount of publicly owned green space which connects to the Marina, provides a barrier of trees against the pollution from Great Ancoats Street and has e

nough space to provide something that serves the community need, rather than just a path to the marina.

Trees not Cars vision showing the site, marina and New Islington Green by Unit 38

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