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We believe the former central retail park in Ancoats should be turned into a park filled with trees, place for leisure, exercise and to improve mental health. Where local children have a safe place to play.

A green space to help fight climate change and reducing pollution.

This site is between one of the most polluted roads in Manchester and a Primary School plus doctors surgery.

How you can help


Sign the petition

Our latest petition is show how many people agree with us that the remaining 5 acres of the former Central Retail Park should be turned into a proper park.


Spread the word!

The more people who know about our campaign, sign the petition and talk about the site, the more likely it is that the council will listen


Tell your councillor!

Tell your local councillor you want a proper park on the site and WHY! They are elected to represent your views, let them know what you need! You can also get in touch with your MP.

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